In collaboration with Kamkomani Youth Project,

Nairobi, Kenya.


How might we address the stressed water needs and create employment opportunities for residents of developing nations?

Skills : 




Ethnographic Research

Industrial Design

Concept Development



Rapid Prototyping 

Mass Manufacturing

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Team : 

Nairobi, Kenya


Jun 2017 - Ongoing

(Research + Design + Community Empowerment)


Self (Research + Design + Mass Production)

Kamkomani Team (Onground Community Outreach)



How might we address the stressed water needs and create employment opportunities for residents of developing nations?
AQUA 33 is a self-filtrating water container, designed for people living in high water stress areas of developing nations.
It’s not only a product, but it also engages the youth in the manufacturing process and provides women with a part-time job, thus creating a source of income for the family. AQUA 33 empowers communities and builds an internal trust with NGOs and NPOs.
The context for this project is focusing on India, but this project can also be implemented for any rural region of any developing nation where the fresh water source is located very far away.
My Learning Experience
Cultivating empathy towards people under high water stress.
Translating research into a viable product and engage the user.
Generating employment opportunities and empowering communities.
My native rural land had already triggered the rigor in me to address the challenging need of the people in high water stress areas of India. I had witnessed how the females would carry a large number of containers filled with water to meet the basic needs of the family.
So when I had some knowledge and few skills to offer and design something that could address this issue of people in dire need. I approached few Non-Profit Organizations in India, to understand how can we proceed with this. First few approaches were unfruitful as some chose not to talk about the issues and some had no motivation.
After approaching more organizations through the internet, I finally met Ms. Kambua, who runs the Kamkomani Youth Project in Nairobi, Kenya. She showed sheer passion and enthusiasm for the project as she understands the value of design and delivering a solution for a social cause is a real challenge.
Finally, we will be implementing AQUA 33, first manufacturing starts in Kenya by the end of this year. First prototype manufacturing of AQUA 33 in collaboration with Kamkomani Youth Project will be implemented in villages around Nairobi, Kenya by the end of this year.
The project is graphically presented using 6-steps D.E.S.I.G.N Model process.
Discover phase includes secondary research data for understanding the current statistics for water stress around the world and in India as part of the contextual study. This study also included water consumption and diminishing water sources around the world.
D.E.S.I.G.N Model
The secondary research data is collected from sources like the World Resource InstituteArlington Institute, and the Global List. This data demonstrates the statistics of the available World's fresh water, India's water demand, Future Projection of water consumption and diminishing groundwater sources.

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Examine phase includes closely understanding the Context of the Research and narrowing down the focus. This included an understanding of the current scenario by observing and documenting the entire process of carrying water and conducting in-person interviews.
DESIGN Model-01.png
The primary research data is collected by visiting the rural villages in India. The research included observing the entire process of females carrying water, Conducting in-person interviews and understanding the existing scenario. It is not only difficult to carry water but it's also not safe to drink, 600,000 children die every year because of contamination.

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The user has adapted to the existing products and its practices, but it is uncomfortable to carry such large quantity of water in such containers because it makes it very difficult to walk, ergonomics is a huge concern and they also carry a child with them or sometimes they even carry multiple containers and a child or children. Conducted 20 interviews and developed 10 user persona. Below is one of the examples.
Empathy Map
AQUA 33_Competitors_Map_New.png
Solidify phase is to lock down the problem area and finalize all the design criteria that will lead to the concept ideation and development phase.
DESIGN Model-01.png
easy to carry
light weight
easy to handle
and control
integrated filter
easy usability
easy to pour
avoiding leaks
carry case
After solidifying the Primary and Secondary Research, imagination phase includes exploring all the possibilities for a product or a service to address the water stress problem and potential ways to empower the communities.
DESIGN Model-01.png

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Go phase was to show the product and service around it to the users and get a critical feedback. The community engagement and empowerment part of the project is captured in the Kamkomani Youth Project.
DESIGN Model-01.png
The Filtering System is integrated inside the container. The details are not shown here because it is under a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.

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AQUA 33_Position_Map_New.png
60 Litres
Nurture phase is captured in the Kamkomani Youth Project that demonstrates the community engagement and empowerment part of the project. This project is currently under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
DESIGN Model-01.png
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