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In collaboration with Bahco by Snap-On Tools, USA.


The goal of the project was to provide Bahco with the fieldwork to bring their brand of tools from the European market to the American market.

Skills : 




Ethnographic Research

Design Thinking

Strategic Design

Workshop Design

Team Collaboration

Process Facilitation

Location : 


Duration : 

Team : 

Savannah, GA, USA

Sep 2015 - Oct 2015 (Research + Workshop)


Self + 7 International Designers



Through our secondary and primary research, the goal of the project was to provide Bahco with the fieldwork to bring their brand of tools from the European to the American market. Our goal was to go out into the field, interviewing and observing the workers, business owners, and key stakeholders. By doing so, we were able to examine and analyze the existing market, and later we were able to map our insights and turn them into opportunities for Bahco.
We were a team of 8 designers from varied fields of design. My role was to understand the existing approaches from secondary research and visualize it in form of an Offering-Activity-Culture map. This map demonstrated a deeper understanding of product use. Synthesizing the primary and secondary data into Affinity diagramming led to opportunity development and a business strategy for Snap-On Tools to promote Bahco to the American market.
My Learning Experience
Research Lead and Project Manager.
Brand Design and Development.
Business Strategy and Process Facilitator.
The project is graphically presented using 6-steps D.E.S.I.G.N Model process.
Research existing customers; conduct a critical analysis of competition. Discover the new uses, new trends, innovations, and opportunities within the fields of viticulture, pomology, and landscaping.
Secondary Research Map
D.E.S.I.G.N Model
Secondary Research
We began our secondary research by focusing on 4 criteria:
1. Brands
2. Market
3. Tools
4. Activity
Based on this criteria we prepared our primary research and understood various touchpoints like where the user buys, diversity in tools, price, and maintenance. Along with this we also researched more about our big competitors like Felco and Corona.
Examine phase was to research the places of purchase and price range were also considered based on the primary research and end-user feedback and combining the secondary research to understand the current tools present in the American marketplace.
DESIGN Model-01.png
Primary Research
This project started with primary research and market trends study from user awareness to the usability of existing tools. Our challenge was to examine the market across 3 main sectors of pomology, landscaping, and viticulture.
After finding incredible resources in viticulture and landscaping, possible market resources in pomology slowly began to emerge. As these sources came to light, they brought with them a new, untapped field: horticulture.
Offering-Activity-Culture (O.A.C) Map
The Offering-Activity-Culture Map uses three ways at looking at innovation opportunities, the offerings can be products or services, the activities represent what can be done with the offerings, and the culture represents the cultural context in which people use these offerings.
There is an opportunity for Snap-On to bring Bahco into the American Market, using an approach that extends over social media, online marketing platforms, and focuses on interacting directly with consumers.
DESIGN Model-01.png
Affinity Diagramming
From primary research based on several field trips, interviews and observations, we got great quotes and insights.
However, in order to view the information in a systematic way and connect them with Bahco, we decided to dive deeper into the secondary research, looking for more information about the entire Bahco market and gaining more understanding of related experiences.
Opportunity Mapping
The opportunity mapping was concluded based on the 2 x 2 matrix. The quadrant of the matrix ranged from (Wild vs Mild and Low-Cost Implementation vs High-Cost Implementation).
The three focus areas were discovered from the primary and secondary research as follows :
In-Person Marketing, and
Product Improvement.
With our opportunities and insights mapped and grouped into five possible areas of exploration, it was important to frame this work within a scholarly context. The ideation process started with analyzing the cultural needs for placing our findings in a global context.
DESIGN Model-01.png
Culture Value Map
The idea of the map was extracted from Schwartz' Theory of Basic Cultural Value by Shalom H. Schwartz.
The Culture Value Map was prepared on 7 large areas of focus:
Affective Autonomy
Intellectual Autonomy
Egalitarianism and
Based on 7 Cultural Value, Snap-on has already addressed the market of Mastery that the United States of America desires. If this project proves to be successful with the American populace, we believe that the same can be done with the Bahco brand.
DESIGN Model-01.png
We have found through our research that applying Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Cultural Values, and the aforementioned 5 areas of future investigation would create a smooth transition for Bahco from Europe, to the United States. We believe that these opportunities will place Bahco in a favorable position in the United States market, and will increase the brand’s reputation and notoriety nation-wide.
DESIGN Model-01.png
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