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SHOW 2016

In collaboration with Leonie Brieler, USA.


"The Self-made Self" is a fashion collection inspired by female body parts. Our designs walked the ramp of SCAD Fashion Show 2016.

Skills : 




Industrial Design

Concept Development

Team Collaboration



Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing

Location : 


Duration : 

Team : 

Savannah, GA, USA


Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

(Design + Final Product Detail)

Self + Leonie Brieler

Picture Credits (Leonie)




"The Self-made Self" is a Fashion Collaboration Project with

Leonie Brieler.

This was an 8 weeks collaboration project for the collection of garments representing various body parts of a female designed by Leonie Brieler. Primarily my contribution to the project was to design details that were holding the design elements on the garments.


This design detail was an original replication of Leonie’s thumbprint. The collection was featured, presented and walked on the ramp of The SCAD Fashion Show 2016.

My Learning Experience
First-time experience working on a fashion design project.
My primary role was to design the details that were holding the design elements on the garments. We started with abstracting the details from Leonie's concept idea behind the collection. Her main focus was to subtly highlight and represent the body parts of the female on the garments.
Taking her idea further, I proposed her to use her own Right Hand Thumbprint as the concept for her details. We started with collecting her 14 best thumbprints and shortlisting the ones that we could use for making the actual size design on SolidWorks and KeyShot for 3D Printing.
We went through 14 rapid prototype trials on SolidWorks, until we finalised the one that we used for the collection. We made two variations of the final design: vertical and horizontal.
We printed 50 vertical and 50 horizontal thumbpieces. Leonie finished all the thumbpieces with the Copper Metallic Spray Paint to match the design language of the collection. She hand-stitched all the 100 thumbpieces on the garments for the SCAD Fashion Show
in 2 days.
The project is graphically presented using 6-steps D.E.S.I.G.N Model process.
I quickly started with the imagination part of the project as Leonie had already finished the primary and secondary research part for developing the design criteria and the collection. I started with collecting Leonie's right thumbprints and visualized the detail in SolidWorks and KeyShot.
D.E.S.I.G.N Model